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The Bellwether Difference

Rising industry and regulatory challenges have made it increasingly difficult for an advisor to scale their business while still caring for their existing relationships.
We’ve developed a simple, elegant solution—one that lets everyone focus on what they do best in order to be the best for our clients.

Circular green graphic with the text "the bellwether life" at the center and phrases "scale your practice," "focus on your clients," and "love what you do." around the perimeter.
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A graphical representation with a central theme titled "the life & legacy promise," surrounded by guiding principles such as "live for today," "prepare for tomorrow," and "establish your legacy," with blue arcs accenting the text.
Circular green graphic with the text "the bellwether life" at the center and phrases "scale your practice," "focus on your clients," and "love what you do." around the perimeter.
An orange vertical oval with text
Orange vertical oval sign with
Orange circular graphic titled
A graphical representation with a central theme titled "the life & legacy promise," surrounded by guiding principles such as "live for today," "prepare for tomorrow," and "establish your legacy," with blue arcs accenting the text.

Who We Serve


Individuals & Families: Holistic financial planning and disciplined, prudent portfolio management, all in one place. We do everything we can to inspire confidence and minimize burdens for busy families.

Institutions: Customized portfolio management for foundations, trusts, pension plans, and for-profit or non-profit organizations. Find all the expertise you’d expect from big-firm institutions with the care and attention you love from hand-picked teams.


Growth opportunities and succession planning, but most importantly, the freedom to enjoy both. Our platform was created with the understanding that to put clients first, we need to put advisors right there alongside them. We’ve built it from the ground up to support our partners and empower their careers—as a result, they can form lifelong client relationships and fully monetize their businesses, today or over time.


Our track record of successfully acquiring and integrating advisor teams and firms proves not only our capabilities but also the increasing need for scale. As regulatory and operational obligations continue to weigh on the industry, more time and resources are required to stay ahead. Rather than react to changes as they occur, we’ve invested in all areas of our business to develop innovative solutions to novel challenges. While others struggle to overcome hurdles, we’ve already cleared the way for our partners so they can look ahead.

Money isn’t about numbers, it’s about achieving your goals. I didn’t think I could buy my ex-husband out of our home or go back to school or put my daughter through university, and now I’ve done all three.


We appreciate the steadiness with which they help us stick to our plan, their diligence in keeping our fees as low as possible and, not least, their friendliness.

Bill & Donna

Since joining, our entire team has become more effective and motivated. Our clients noticed timeliness and improvements in the information they receive.

David Owen

Associate Portfolio Manager

The industry is changing, I needed a firm that was nimble, creative, and responsive to advisor input. Big enough to compete, but small enough to maneuver and innovate. That’s what I found in Bellwether.

Alan Cameron

Senior Family Wealth Advisor

Bellwether’s network of professionals that support us from a marketing, compliance, and portfolio perspective has propelled our overall growth and given us more time to focus on what matters: adding more value for our clients.

Joshua Prince

President, Promus Advisors

This partnership grants access to a larger portfolio management team as well as additional resources and offerings to better serve our clients, and we are proud to be part of this growing company.

Brandon Pope

Founder, Promus Advisors

The Bellwether Platform

Elevate your practice with Bellwether Investment Management.
Our solution-oriented platform reinforces a client-focused mindset while supporting our advisors, both in and out of the office.


Fulcrum Equity Management

Support your growth and empower your clients with Fulcrum’s integrated end-to-end wealth management capabilities.

From household rebalancing and direct indexing to auto-onboarding and risk assessment tools, we can help you stay ahead of the curve by creating a frictionless client-advisor experience.

Learn More About Fulcrum


Promus Advisors

When advisors are equipped with the right software and tailored portfolios are managed with the utmost care, all clients need is a dynamic financial plan to tie it all together and bring their dreams to life.

We aim to identify your goals, understand the motivations behind them, and develop a plan to make them a reality. As your financial steward, and as legal fiduciaries, our suite of services is designed to provide you with holistic financial solutions with your best interests in mind. Whether you’re accumulating, preserving, or distributing your assets, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Learn More About Promus


Fixed Income:

We realize you can only climb so high with a traditional bond ladder. Let’s reach new heights.

Bellwether’s goal is to generate an attractive level of income relative to current interest rates while maintaining a low level of volatility. We achieve this goal by investing in a portfolio of global fixed income securities, including government and corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and preferred shares.

Global Equity

With a team experienced in global markets, there’s a world of opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

Our investment objective is to achieve a combination of income generation and long-term capital appreciation with a lower level of portfolio volatility than equity markets. We seek out stocks that generate sufficient cash flow to grow their businesses and return capital to shareholders via dividends—we are not trying to maximize yields.


The largest global institutions have access to exclusive investments, and through us, so do our clients.

Alternative investments tend to perform differently than public securities, reducing risk through economic cycles and offering inflationary protective contracts. Beyond our fund’s defensive capabilities, private lending strategies generate income, and real estate and infrastructure projects provide potential long-term growth.

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Our Core Values

Our Executive Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Fulcrum Equity Management

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Senior Vice President,

Head of US Corporate Development

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